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Welcome to TickleBugs.com - home of the world famous Tickle Bugs!!! Shhh... Did you know that the Tickle Bugs are hiding right now? Why? They're hoping to spot some silly kids! If you've read the book, then you know EXACTLY what the Tickle Bugs do when they find a silly kid. So YOU'D BETTER WATCH OUT, 'cause YOU may be next!!

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Tickle Bugs Happy World Campaign!

The Tickle Bugs exist to make this world a much happier place. One smile at a time, the Tickle Bugs are bringing joy to children all around the world.

Nonprofit organizations are kind of like Tickle Bugs. They also work day after day to make the planet a happier and better place for all.

At TickleBugs.com, we are proud to present a new campaign to help fund some of our favorite nonprofit organizations. You've probably heard of businesses who generously donate 1% of their profits to charity. At Tickle Bugs!, we're not messing around. We are now donating 100% of our profits to our favorite nonprofit organizations.

Vegan Outreach has been chosen as a favorite Tickle Bug nonprofit for the incredible work they do in bringing so much awareness of cruelty to animals (the Tickle Bugs are vegan, you know!). For every copy of the wonderful children's book HERE COME THE TICKLE BUGS! that you buy from us at retail value ($9.99) from this page, we will donate $7 of that to Vegan Outreach! No kidding!

Support Vegan Outreach and bring incredible joy to kids at the same time!
Say "YES" to a Happy World!

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